Beckham retorted a loud joke after accusing him of taking nearly 7 billion baht to promote Qatar.

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Former England captain David Beckham has issued a statement in response to Joe Lysett’s criticism of accepting a £150 million bid to promote the World Cup in Qatar. Countries with human rights issues and LGBTQ+ issues

   British icon David Beckham has released a statement on his ambassador role in Qatar during the World Cup. It was in response to Joe Lisette ‘s criticism when the comedian donated £10,000 to an LGBTQ+ charity after calling on Beckham to end his promotions for Qatar. The former Manchester United star has been heavily criticized for accepting a fee of 150 million pounds (about 6,400 million baht) to promote Qatar. Despite the UFABET World Cup host’s stance on human rights and LGBTQ+ issues

Beckham retorted a loud joke after accusing him of taking nearly 7 billion baht to promote Qatar.

         The comedian had threatened to shred £10,000 bills last month. in protest of Beckham’s 10-year contract with the host country. Which saw him act as the tournament’s ambassador. After a deadline was set for the former England captain to respond to his threats, which passed without a response. Lysette then destroyed the £10,000 note and the clip went viral. It also revoked Beckham’s status as a “gay icon” after the former England captain did not respond. Responding to demands to terminate the contract with Qatar, Lysett later revealed that Such money is fake. And he donated to LGBTQ+ charities as same-sex relationships are a crime in Qatar. And after 25 days, Beckham has responded.

          A spokesman for Beckham responded to Lisette saying: “David has been involved in World Cups and other major international tournaments. both as a player and as an ambassador He has always believed that sport is a force for good in the world. Football is the most popular sport in the world and has the real potential to bring people together and truly benefit communities . involvement in the Middle East But it is good to see that the debate on the main issue has been directly spurred by the first World Cup to be held in the region. We hope these discussions will lead to greater understanding and compassion for everyone. and that progress will be made.”

  On Thursday, December 15, 2022, ahead of Channel 4’s Joe Lycett V David Beckham: A Got Your Back Christmas Special , Lycett responded to the statement via Twitter saying, “David’s team. Beckham responded to my show with a special statement airing tonight as part of my Got Your Back show. This was the only statement he or his team had made to the media. about his involvement in Qatar I was advised that by law I cannot comment on this matter. So you guys have to decide for yourself.”

          “We also spoke to an LGBTQ+ football team and Dr. Nasser Mohammed, the first openly gay Qatari. We also got to meet the cast of the Footballers’ Wives 555.” “I would like to thank the Got Your Back team and the team at Channel 4 for all the extra hard work in pro. this project”