The scene is snatched by his ice-cream-loving son Bunu during the interview

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Morocco goalkeeper Yacine Bounu. The scene was stolen by his young son during his post-game interview as his team beat Portugal in the World Cup quarter-finals.

   Morocco goalkeeper Yacine Bounu was one of the standout players at the 2022 World Cup. But he was surprisingly relegated to a supporting role when his young son was promoted. Be the hero of an interview from a reporter. Sevilla’s Spanish La Liga goalkeeper, better known as ‘Bono’,
made a big name for himself at the UFABET World Cup in Qatar.

The scene is snatched by his ice-cream-loving son Bunu during the interview

After keeping no less than four clean sheets in a row on Morocco ‘s stunning road to the tournament semi-finals. Boonou found himself becoming a highly sought-after goalkeeper very much. His most recent clean sheet came in his side’s 1-0 win over Portugal in the quarter-finals. And after making Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo have a quiet game, it is not surprising that the media around the world want to grab this Moroccan goalkeeper for an interview later. finish the race

         However, as fans around the world celebrated Morocco’s victory, Bunu’s son appeared to be happy, unaware of the significance of what his father had just accomplished.  Bunu took his son with him during his post-match interview. He held the youngster in his arms while talking to the press about his country’s major triumph and World Cup semi-final run.

While most of those who watched the interview focused on Bunu’s every word. His son did not show the slightest bit of annoyance. And in fact, the little boy was paying attention to the giant microphone his father was speaking to. Many people wonder why this youngster is so interested in the microphone. which later became clear that Because he thought it was a big ice cream ! Sure enough , Bunu’s son poked his finger at first, then a few seconds later he bent over and licked it as if it were ice cream. Both father and son burst into laughter at this adorable moment. The interviewer laughed to himself as well. Bunu Jr. returned to the microphone a second later. This made his grinning father lightly pinch his cheek and whisper “no” to his son.

         The 2022 World Cup brought us many memorable moments. But this might be one of the purest moments. Morocco’s dream of lifting the World Cup came to an end after they lost 2-0 to France in the semi-finals on Wednesday. The World Cup semi-finals could still make history in Qatar. If they beat Croatia in the third place match on Saturday December