What happened when Sonoppa went to sell chicken in Jeju Island?

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causing the Thai people to panic. When we saw Son Heung-min, captain of Tottenham Hotspur, working as a fried chicken vendor in a small shop. One on Jeju Island But when looking closely That’s not the case.

What happened when Sonoppa went to sell chicken in Jeju Island?

   Son Heung-min, also known as ‘Son’ or ‘Sonny’, is a leading South Korean football player. He is the captain of his national team and the captain of Tottenham Hotspur. There is no doubt about that. He is considered a legend especially in his home country. And that is the reason why the people who stood around watching the event saw ‘Son Heung Min’ or at least ‘Someone who looks like him’ stands in a small shop selling fried chicken. In Jeju Island, we were extremely shocked.

         However, it turns out that the trader is not the real Tottenham Hotspur footballer, but rather someone with an uncanny resemblance. He had the same haircut. Similar page layout And the most important thing is He often wears a Spurs shirt as his kitchen uniform. The resemblance is especially eerie when he copies the footballer’s signature happy gesture.    

          So what does Son Heung Min think of this fraternal twin? He revealed his feelings in an interview on the YouTube channel Psick Univ. After talking about his return to South Korea, host Jung Jaehyung jokingly referred to the Tottenham star in the same way. That said He might be busy. He lived on his second job as a chicken seller during this time. “You seem too busy frying chicken or something.” 

    Son Heung Min teased that he would walk away from the group in this interview because of this false assumption. “Well, if you talk about that, I probably have to go home,” Son Heung-min said. He then explained that this wasn’t the first time he’d heard of someone who looked eerily similar to him from Jeju Island. “Even my friends messaged me saying, ‘Are you in Jeju?’” he recalled a time when his friends His father brought this topic up for discussion. And he didn’t know who they were referring to.

          Considering the fact that he mostly works in the UK. Don’t have time to visit this famous South Korean island? Of course, it made him feel especially confused. He later learned about his twin after seeing it trending in the news. “I was like, ‘What? What are you talking about https://ufabet999.com?’ Then I saw the news.” What stands out most about Son Heung-min isn’t just their resemblance. but also the chicken merchant’s dedication to his work. “People who looked like me [used to] wear Tottenham shirts and he [Enthusiastically grilling chicken],” Son Heung-min said.