Solskjaer reveals who were the 5 main targets Manchester United failed to sign

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, former manager of Manchester United, reveals the names of 5 players who were previously transfer targets for the Red Devils. But the club failed to bring those players into the team.

    Former Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has revealed his tenure was undermined by the club’s failure to bring on five key transfer targets. The legendary team’s control lasted for nearly 2 years, which in the early stages Who came in and made the fans The Red Devils were hopeful but it ended in chaos and fuzzy thinking leading to a series of embarrassing results.

Solskjaer reveals who were the 5 main targets Manchester United failed to sign

          Meanwhile, Manchester United has acquired a number of famous players to join the team. With Cristiano Ronaldo being one of them. But they missed out on many world-class players who went on to play with rival clubs in the league. The Red Devils finally got a new striker this summer in Rasmus Hojlund, a young Danish player with a bright future, but at first they inquired about the possibility
of Grab Ivan. Brighton’s Ferguson But their initial offer of £50m by Brighton was rejected.

          Asked if the job of United manager is an impossible one due to financial constraints at Old Trafford coupled with the spending power of their rivals, Solskjaer said: to The Athletic: “No, but it is difficult. Especially for a manager taking over from one of the greatest managers ever. The expectations were very high. But we can’t live in the same era as when I played. ‘We have Arsenal and Chelsea as rivals until the end. But now most teams have money or even none. They didn’t need to sell anyone. ‘ At that time, Wayne and Cristiano were the best young players and we signed them. But now Manchester United can’t afford Evan Ferguson. We can’t afford the players I’m talking about for the club.”

   When asked which players he has asked Manchester United to try to sign, He added: “Erling Haaland, before his debut for Salzburg, Declan Rice, who we didn’t have to spend money on in the summer. We talked about Moises Caicedo but we felt we needed a player who was available immediately. “ 
Brighton are very good at releasing players from overseas with a year to adapt. Half, at Manchester United you don’t have that kind of relaxation. And that has cost the club a lot of players.”

          “We really wanted Jude Bellingham, he is a Manchester United player, but I respect his choice of Dortmund. That might be a delicate matter. But that’s why I respect Aaron. Wan-Bissaka, Dan James and Jadon, the young players are all set to come into a สมัคร ufabet team that isn’t 100 per cent like when I arrived. “I’d like to sign (Harry Kane) every day . All week And my understanding is that he wants to come. “But the club doesn’t have the budget and the financial constraints of Covid-19. There is no money to spend on frivolities.”