Lingard stunned by Red Devils fans mistaken for playing more than practicing

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Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard slammed the Red Devils for saying he was negative. I didn’t mean to play football. Leaning on football as the number one priority and always train hard before preparing to visit Manchester United on December 

Nottingham Forest midfielder Jesse Lingard has revealed he was seen by former Manchester United fans. AInterested in things off the field rather than training. Until he does not perform well, insisting that he has been misunderstood all the time because football is always his priority. Before returning to Old Trafford for the first time since the contract expired on Tuesday December 27

Lingard stunned by Red Devils fans mistaken for playing more than practicing

The 30-year-old scored his first goal for Forest City before the World Cup break. and began to return to his own form. After experiencing a drop in form at the start of the UFABET season. Since moving to the  City Ground for free in the summer. By this time, he was preparing to return to help the agency fully. Especially in league games, you have to return to visit the old Red Devils team at the end of this month. 

good midfielder Has been criticized in the past for his off-field behavior. Especially since he launched the clothing brand the week before his team’s game against Liverpool in December 2018. Football has always been his top priority and fans often misjudge him.

“This is balance. But football is my number one priority. no matter what that is my love When I train, I’m 100 per cent, but when I come home. I might do something business-related in my stuff, or look at content on social media. It keeps your thoughts away from something. I would love to have interests other than football. But that doesn’t mean I don’t give in. I work hard every day to make sure I’m always ready,’ said the ex- Red Devils  . 

For Lingard, growing up from the United youth team from 2000 onwards. Before going up to the big set in 2011, but rarely getting the chance. by being released on loan to many clubs Before the contract expires in the summer By depositing a total of 232 games with the first team, scoring 35 goals and providing 21 assists, while with Forest, his new team has now made 14 appearances in all competitions.