How to play and win Malay lottery

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Thai lottery, Laos lottery, Hanoi lottery. Today is the queue of Malaysian lottery, another lottery of our neighbors that is worth playing and worth trying. In this article, we will take you to know what the Malaysian lottery is. Why are we so little known? How will you risk your luck? Is it hard to play? All questions, we have already prepared answers waiting for them in this article.

What is the Malaysian lottery?

The Malaysian lottery is the legal lottery of Malaysia, just like the Thai government lottery. Hanoi lottery of Vietnam and the Lao Phathana lottery. In which we will use the prize numbers of the Malay lottery as a reference, including modifying the playing style to be in line with our Thai style lottery play, that is, buying both top, bottom, running numbers, toad numbers, but one special thing that makes Malaysian lottery Jersey is different from the Laos lottery. The Malay lottery will draw all 3 big prizes, while the Lao lottery uses only 1 set of big prizes, which consists of only 4 digit numbers and then divides the sub-prizes later.

What date and time is the Malaysian lottery?

Normally, in Malaysia, Malaysian lottery draw days are set for 3 days a week, which are Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. In addition, prizes will be drawn in special rounds. It will only be used on Tuesdays of certain weeks. He will call today Magnum for the UFABET time when the award will be announced from 6:30 p.m. time in our home.

How to play and win Malay lotteryHow to play and win