Drogba reveals the advantage Rooster has over Celtic in the World Cup final

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Didier Drogba, former Chelsea striker and Ivory Coast international Reveal the advantage that France has over Argentina. in the World Cup finals that will take place this Sunday

      Didier Drogba believes France has a ‘major advantage’ over Argentina ahead of the World Cup final in Qatar. The Rooster will be the first team in 60 years to retain the UFABET World Cup on Sunday, December 18, 2022, if they beat Celtic at the Lusail Stadium by Didier Desche’s side. Ong finished the group stage as winners of Group D before beating Poland, England and Morocco in the knockout rounds.

Drogba reveals the advantage Rooster has over Celtic in the World Cup final

         Argentina top of Group C despite shock defeat Saudi Arabia And en route to reaching a sixth World Cup final, Argentina have beaten Australia, the Netherlands and Croatia as they look to lift a third and tournament trophy. Lionel Messi’s last world championship , but at the same time, France wants to be the third team that can successfully defend their championship title.

         Drogba believes the experience of France not only being in the final but also being able to win in previous occasions has given them an ‘advantage’ over Argentina, with France’s 2018 10-player including World Cup-winning manager Deschamps is also in Qatar this time. “France had the advantage of reaching the final and winning it four years ago,” the former Chelsea and Ivory Coast striker told BBC Sport . “You know how to deal with pressure. have you been there But they have new players. and it will be new to them.”

  “This could be the first time some of them have played against Lionel Messi too. The pressure will be there. “This French team is very hungry for victory. Especially with Didier Deschamps as a manager . They want to win two titles in a row . Argentina are very aggressive. And they won’t let Kylian Mbappe face this game ′ ′ They will try to hinder him because they know he is the main one. It will be difficult for them to deal with Jouameni, Griezmann and even Dembele ′′ We are not talking about Dembele. I think he helped Jules Kunde a lot, he worked really hard.

          Lifting the World Cup trophy will complement Messi’s extraordinary career. He was heartbroken in the 2014 final against Germany , but France are determined to break that saga . “Messi is an unbelievable player. But we won’t let him enjoy the best night he can have. We want to win this game. We want to win another World Cup. We will do everything to stop him. But that team is not just Messi. They have great players working for the team too. I think that’s why they are so strong.”