Besides the government lottery, are there any lotteries worth playing?

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Did you know that besides the government lottery. The lottery online gambling website also offers a lot of other lottery bets and if you haven’t made a bet on the government lottery during that time. You can bet on other lottery tickets as well. The lottery that is worth playing in addition to the government lottery is as follows UFABET.

Besides the government lottery, are there any lotteries worth playing?

Lao lottery

The Laos lottery is considered to be very popular. Because it has a style of playing that is similar to the underground lottery in our country. Where the Laos lottery is under the supervision of the Lao PDR government. Which has a payout rate that is not different from the Thai government lottery. So people choose to bet a lot and the Lao lottery draws prizes on Mondays and Thursdays from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. On average, one month is considered to be issued. Reward up to 8 installments ever.

Laos lottery has a form of playing based on 4 digits. Then bring these 4 digits to separate the prize proportion. There will be 3 upper numbers, 3 numbers, 2 lower numbers, 2 upper numbers and numbers. run etc. A simple pattern can be described as follows.

  • For example, the Lao lottery this draw draws 5132.

The top 3 numbers are 132.

The 3 digits are the numbers of the top 3 digits, only to switch positions.

The top 2 numbers are 32.

The bottom 2 numbers are 51.

The top running number is 1,3,2.

The lower running number is 5,1.

Hanoi lottery

Hanoi lottery is considered to be under the supervision of the Vietnamese government. It is another lottery that is very popular because it has a form of play similar to the government lottery and Laos lottery itself, which many people are popular and interested in because it is a lottery. Which is able to guess the numbers that will occur easily, plus is a lottery that is issued every day as well, by the time that the prize is drawn at 6:00 p.m. etc., you can watch the prize draw from various online broadcasts And the Hanoi lottery will issue a special prize and the 1st prize, etc.

Lottery Yi Ki

This lottery is suitable for lottery fans who have a lot of free time because this type of lottery draws prizes on average 88 rounds per day, you can bet all day long and most importantly, it is a lottery with a high payout rate and worth it. So many people turn to bet in hopes of getting a lot of prizes from this lottery as well

If you win a lot of lottery, is it a risk of being cheated?

Betting on online lottery websites are very important for you to choose a quality and standard website so as not to be a victim of being cheated because if you choose a quality website and get. Standards, whether you bet the lottery with a large amount of money, or if you bet, win and get a high payment rate, you will not be cheated or bounced for sure, as the website of that website is in Take care of the authorities by certifying the standards of legal inspection, thus making these websites absolutely no cheating. You can also compete for the money to escape. Therefore, if you want to choose a website that is quality and support from the law, you will have to choose a website that is most popular or reviewed by this article. Let you get to know, which will be how to do it.